[Ffmpeg-devel] Ffmpeg returns incorrect durations for VOBs/MPGs, pointer to fix?

Paul Curtis pfc
Sat Feb 4 16:58:10 CET 2006

starman jones wrote:

> Does anyone know why certain ffmpeg front-ends yield
> correct duration while
> invoking pure ffmpeg yields often wrong durations?  Is
> it possible to change
> the code easily, or use a different switch, to change
> duration algorithm or
> method?
> I am a lightweight in C coding, but can make my way
> around simple coding
> changes and re-compiles.  Other tivoserver team
> members can jump deeper if I
> can get some pointers.

Within the last week, I posted a short program that we use to determine 
the length of mostly MPEG format files. The program is used extensively 
in a video server for cablecasting. I haven't had it fail in determining 
the proper length for the video.


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