[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: interlace and motion artifacts

Dieter freebsd
Tue Feb 14 14:11:20 CET 2006

> [...]
>> [mpeg2video @ 0x815d10]ac-tex damaged at 42 9itrate=28766.6kbits/s
>> [mpeg2video @ 0x815d10]Warning MVs not available
>> [mpeg2video @ 0x815d10]concealing 924 DC, 924 AC, 924 MV errors
> [...]
> This says that the source material is broken.

I get similar messages on all or nearly all mpeg2ts files.
Even ones with minimal artifacts.

I have seen mpeg4 files which did not generate any sort of warning/error
messages from ffmpeg, yet had massive problems.

Where is the secret decoder ring for deciphering these warning/error
messages?  (e.g. what exactly does ffmpeg think is wrong with the file?)

> Please check if it is playable without any problems with other mpeg2
> decoders and provide sample if it is so (only the broken part if you
> know how).

What other mpeg2ts to DV conversion program do you recommend?
What other mpeg4 to DV conversion program do you recommend?

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