[Ffmpeg-devel] FFmpeg naming and logo

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg
Sat Feb 18 15:31:46 CET 2006


On 2/18/06, Robert Swain <robert.swain at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Saturday 18 February 2006 13:21, Oded Shimon wrote:
> > Can you give the svg? I'd like to see what I can do... Also, why are you
> > giving .ps for this... I had to compile and install a prog for this, either
> > give the svg or some simple picture format... :)
> I would have thought most people would have gs/gv by now...
> Alex: Could you make the main FFmpeg text a bit cooler? The old faded red
> style is a bit... old in my opinion. Maybe have a search around for some more
> stylish logos for inspiration? :) I like the related text/diagrams around the
> logo, but maybe they could be 'taken back a bit' using transparency or
> something to make the actual project name stand forward more?


> I have a friend who's quite proficient in Photoshop, I know you're not really
> interested in Photoshop and vector graphics isn't really his thing, but he
> could maybe mock up something that you guys would like, would be more
> appealing and could be used as a basis for someone with vector skills. :) I
> don't know what vector formats Photoshop supports, maybe he could provide
> something useful for us.

Photoshop only supports Bitmap if I'm not mistaken. Illustrator is the
guy you wanna use of logos.

I think it could be quite nice to see what a pro can do with FFmpeg logo.

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