[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: [PATCH] x264 avc encoding, movenc avcC, ctts

Baptiste COUDURIER baptiste.coudurier
Sun Feb 19 19:45:55 CET 2006

Richard S. wrote:
> [...]
> Quote 144496-4 Conformance testing:
> 3.7   MP4 File Format
> 3.7.1  Writing
> A valid MP4 file with no tracks has at least: moov, mvhd. If it is a
> presentation or the target of an OD URL, an iods is required, containing
> an IOD or OD respectively. Only MP4 files used in editing (as the arget
> of a data reference URL) may lack the IOD.
> Any track must contain: trak, tkhd, mdia. A mdia must contain mdhd,
> hdlr, and minf. A minf must contain a suitable media header, a dinf and
> a stbl. dinf must contain dref; and a stbl must contain stsd, and if
> there are any samples, an stts, stsz, stco, stsc.
> The sample table entries must be consistent about the number of samples
> in a track.
> Extensions should use the UUID mechanism. Track identifiers must be
> unique within the file.
> The containment hierarchy defined in the specification must be followed.
> Very few atoms (for example, user data and UUID extension) are allowed
> to occur in multiple containers.
> Fields marked reserved should be written to the standard value.
> A presentation must contain at least a BIFS track, referenced by the IOD
> (as in the systems specification).
> A mp4 file with audio and video is a presentation.

Hehe, then I guess FCP is not conforming to standards, really weird.
Here is my sample :

ftp.smartjog.net ffmpeg/ffmpeg


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