[Ffmpeg-devel] dsputil h264 ppc patch

Likai Liu liulk
Mon Feb 27 16:34:10 CET 2006

On Mac OS X 10.3, a type error in 
libavcodec/ppc/dsputil_h264_template_altivec.c (line 429) prevents me 
from compiling the file. It is patched below. The rationale of this fix 
is that v16ui looks like it should be unsigned int, so it should be 
constructed using vec_splat_u32 and not vec_splat_u16 (which is 
unsigned short).

The patch is made against revision 1.4 of the cvs.

By the way, why don't we simply say vec_splat_u32(16), but have to use 
vec_sl(vec_splat_u32(1), vec_splat_u32(4)), effectively saying 1 << 4 
for all values in the vector? It doesn't make the code easier to read. 
Same question for v512si.


ps. please cc me as I'm not subscribed to this list.

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