[Ffmpeg-devel] Testing.

Dipan Mehta dipanmehta
Tue Feb 28 06:28:24 CET 2006

Dear All,

First of all, i would like to congratulate all the FFMPEG developers to a
great deal. FFMPEG is definately an unparallel system.

I am working on video related systems and would like to known how i could
help FFMPEG in some way. I have used FFMPEG in past so am bit aware of it.
(Ofcourse, every fortnight FFMPEG is very different,but that's alright.

I have used FFMPEG some times. I wanted to know how the testing of ffmpeg is

I mean what kind of scripts are being made and how it work. In specific i am
interested to know how libavcodec's encoders are tested.

Thanks a lot.


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