[Ffmpeg-devel] bug installing on 64 bit systems

Dave Dodge dododge
Fri Jan 6 04:39:24 CET 2006

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 01:40:50PM -0500, csismondo at adelphia.net wrote:
> I had to alter configure to force:
> libdir="/usr/lib64"
> for x86_64 systems, otherwise extra libraries (like the amr codec

This is currently distribution-specific.

As others have mentioned, the approach taken by Debian x86_64 is to
put the 64-bit libraries into */lib and the 32-bit compatibility
libraries into */lib32.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux takes the opposite approach.  Its */lib
contains 32-bit compatibility libraries, while */lib64 contains the
64-bit versions.  On that system, /usr/bin/gcc does generate 64-bit
exectuables by default, and they're linked against */lib64 files.

The GNU Radio folks just had a packaging discussion about this a few
weeks ago.  From a quick survey, it appears that Red Hat, Mandriva,
SuSE, and Gentoo are all using */lib64 for their 64-bit libraries on
x86_64, while Debian, its derivatives, and NetBSD are using */lib.

This behavior is probably only for mixed 32+64 systems such as x86_64
and sparc64.  On ia64, Red Hat puts the 64-bit libraries in */lib.

This issue is probably going to persist for a while.  The FHS
currently prefers the Red Hat approach:


but I suspect a lot people really don't like emphasizing 32-bit
backwards compatibility over the native 64-bit libs.  Ubuntu doesn't
even bother shipping 32-bit versions of all of their x86_64 libraries
(libSDL for example).

                                                  -Dave Dodge

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