[Ffmpeg-devel] DV.c commit (fix for memleak)

Stefan de Konink skinkie
Fri Jan 6 15:48:28 CET 2006


I'm using VLC to play avi2 (opendml) video's with DV A+V and Audio
streams. VLC does a good job in keeping the pair synchronized. I never got
mplayer to do this. There are problems though.

One broadcast sequence is roughly 25GB of data. In files 250MB-7GB.
Starting the broadcast with small files nothing goes wrong, but after the
first 'real' program the second program has a lot of problems with
decoding, so is the third. Playing the files serperately does not create

I found out there was an update for libavcodec/dv.c containing a fix for
dv.c, because someone has found a memoryleak. So I pulled out CVS and
tested this with the latest stable VLC and VLC-svn. Both had another (even
worse) problem now. The second file in the playlist wouldn't play anymore.

If this happens due to a segmentation fault (most likely, logging abruptly
stops), I can't say for sure yet. My questions are:

-What should I bring in for a bugreport now? A gdb trace of VLC?
-Could someone take a look at the commit and maybe check if something
happens that should not be?

Yours Sincery,

Stefan de Konink

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