[Ffmpeg-devel] mpeg/mpeg4

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi
Sun Jan 8 16:27:29 CET 2006

Thomas Koninckx wrote:

>I just ran into the following problem:
>-write a testfile with output_example eg. ./output_example test.mpeg 
>-convert to mpeg4 with ./ffmpeg -i test.mpeg -vcodec mpeg4
>-> the resulting file is corrupted: mplayer assumes MPEG-PS, reports an
>unknown aspect_ratio, resolution and framerate. Allso ffplay doesn't
>recognize the file.
>When the same is done with ./ffmpeg -i test.mpeg -vcodec mpeg4
>testMpeg4.avi the result seems correct.
>Is this 'normal', in other words, can a mpeg4 codec not be embedded in
>an mpeg format? 
it can

>If this would be the case, which alternatives to the avi
>format are available for use with the mpeg4 codec?
avi at others

>A mpeg4 codec with mpeg format however seemed to work with older
>versions of ffmpeg. Current tests are done with today's cvs version.
maybe the mpeg muxer is screwed

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