[Ffmpeg-devel] asap/improtant ffmpeg/mencoder bugfixing/developing. payable.

toci toci
Thu Jan 12 10:48:41 CET 2006


We are looking for developer for ffmpeg/mencoder. We need this work as 
soon as possible, and will pay for it.

The task is: we would like to convert "all" kind of movie file 
(mpeg,avi(divx) wmv, mov -.mov is not necessary, but if possible, will 
be good) to .flv ,  and collect some infos/statistical datas from the 
movies (like: screenshots, lenght of movie etc. etc.)

The problem is: we are not movie experts, but using linux in advanced 
level. Tried to use mencoder/ffmpeg, but some times, it generated errors 
randomly. For example: not convert video, convert video but the output 
file played faster than source, can't create more screenshots than 1-2, 
can't create any screenshots. etc.

What we need: Fix the bugs (if they are bugs), and make the program 
stable. Do converting all time with all formats to .flv without any 
errors. And finally we need a few line batch program which make the 
conversions, and create some statistical infos from the out movie 
(screenshots, lenght, etc.)

Hit me up and i will give more infos what we did/tried etc.

best regards
Tamas Torok

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