[Ffmpeg-devel] PPC Optimisation

Colin Ward lists
Thu Jan 12 13:15:00 CET 2006

  Hi all.

  In order to enable PPC specific optimisations (excluding Altivec) is it
sufficient to simply #define ARCH_POWERPC in my config.h file?

  And if I want to enable Altivec then I #define HAVE_ALTIVEC as well?

  As a newbie to PPC programming, can the PPC/Macintosh people on the list
kindly give me a quick rundown on which switches to use when compiling my
code if I want to enable Altivec?  Is it possible to compile for Altivec
and still run on a G3?  I only have a G3 myself but need to enable Altivec
for other users of my program.

  Besides enabling general PPC and Altivec optimisations, are there any
other steps that I can take to speed up decoding?  My 800 Mhz G3 is pretty
pushed to decode anything more than medium sized videos at the moment.

  Thanks in advance for any tips!

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