[Ffmpeg-devel] Where do I report bugs?

Norman Ramsey nr
Sat Jan 14 00:58:34 CET 2006

 > > Although I followed this procedure carefully, I received not one reply
 > > to a bug report I sent a month or two ago.  
 > we are volunteers, normal people not employed by some company who pays us
 > for analyzing, debuging, fixing and awnsering reports, so dont look at it li
 > we where but rather what we are ...

Every open-source project is different.  At various points in time, I
have been responsible for two projects, on each of which we made a
point to answer bug reports.  (Doesn't mean we fixed them, but we did
acknowledge them.)  If it is the custom of the ffmpeg developers not
to acknowledge bug reports, it would be nice if this sentence were
added to the page at

  Because ffmpeg is developed and maintained by volunteers, for whom
  ffmpeg is not their primary activity, not all bug reports are


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