[Ffmpeg-devel] guess_format() in the latest CVS, does not recognize OGG/Theora video correctly

Stas Oskin stas
Sun Jan 15 14:02:19 CET 2006

This approach does work with other formats. In fact, I've used it for any
other formats (MPG, MOV, ASF ,SWF) very successfully. Perhaps the "OGG"
string should be changed to something else, which will indicate the Theora
Regardless, if someone could provide me with a simple example of how to
create a Theora stream, this would be great.
> When filling the format structure with guess_format("ogg") (other
> omitted for the example), the structure contains only Vorbis audio
> meaning the mime_type="audio/x-vorbis", and video_codec="CODEC_ID_NONE".
> Below is a source code to illustrate:
> AVOutputFormat *outf;
> outf = guess_format( "ogg", NULL, NULL);
> cout<<outf->video_codec (result:CODEC_ID_NONE)
How could it possibly know what's in the file?  There's not much to be
said, if all the information provided is the string "ogg".


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