[Ffmpeg-devel] Library Import Problem

Brian Brice bbrice
Wed Jan 18 23:02:30 CET 2006

Hi guys.  I hope this is the correct place to bring up a problem I'm 
having.  I'm using the libav* libraries in Windows with VC++ 2005 for a 
project I'm working on.  I can use the functions within the libraries 
with no problems.  The part I'm working on now deals with traversing the 
lists of registered AVOutputFormat and AVInputFormat variables.  I know 
the variables I should refer to are first_oformat and first_iformat. 
These two variables are declared as follows in avformat.h:

extern AVInputFormat *first_iformat;
extern AVOutputFormat *first_oformat;

The problem I'm having is that I'm getting unresolved symbol errors from 
  the linker when I try to use these variables.  I know how to fix it, 
by adding __declspec(dllimport) into those declarations.  Lets say for 
the sake of argument, I don't have access to modifying avformat.h to 
actually add that.  Anyone ever run into this kind of problem (with 
VC++) and a solution to get around it?
Brian Brice

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