[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: The future of the included liba52 copy

Norman Ramsey nr
Thu Jan 19 19:26:52 CET 2006

 > > I'm not sure what a 'native decoder' is, but the decoder distributed
 > > with the Debian package 'a52dec' seems to work a bit better than
 > > what's currently in ffmpeg.  Perhaps it could be adapted?
 > uh, liba52 is the backend for a52dec.

True, but unfortunately 'liba52' does not name a consistent set of
software.  In chasing after my audio bugs, I have found at least 3
different applications, all using libraries called liba52, but all
behaving differently.  (Of course, some differences may be in the
client code, not in the library.)

The liba52 project itself was hosted on sourceforge but has not
changed since 2002, so it's quite likely that the library has forked :-(


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