[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] - fix for missing audio stream in dvr-ms asf files

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Jan 20 21:36:58 CET 2006


On Fri, Jan 20, 2006 at 01:17:29PM -0600, John Donaghy wrote:
> The attached patch is for asf.c/asf.h and enables the code to find the
> audio stream in dvr-ms files. The audio stream is embedded in the
> header extension object (head1_guid) so I took out the '#if 0' like
> that causes that whole section to be skipped. It took a bit of
> guesswork to discover the audio stream but I knew it had to be there
> somewhere. The associated guids for it have not been published so the
> names I gave the new guids may not properly convey their meaning.
> A dvr-ms file has a couple of extended stream properties objects
> embedded in the header extension object. One is the audio and the
> other is probably the subtitles but this code only recognises the
> audio. Once an extended stream properties is parsed there is a
> optional stream object immediately following. Hence I included some
> code to just parse the extended stream properties object up to the
> start of the optional stream object. That way the stream object gets
> picked up on the next iteration if it is present. Since the guid is
> not the regular audio guid I added code to process it as an audio
> stream header if it matched the right guid.
> It all seems to work fine in mplayer and I've also used mencoder to
> successfully convert these files into a couple of other formats. I did
> all development in mingw and I havent test it in any other
> environment. I also havent checked if the changes didnt break regular
> asf files cause I dont have any but I can do some of this if required
> later.

>             get_guid(pb, &g);
>+            int test_for_ext_stream_audio;

mixing declarations and statements breaks gcc 2.95

> };
> static const GUID audio_conceal_none = {

whitespace only change

theres also some trailing whitespace added at a few points


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