[Ffmpeg-devel] x264 global headers?

Mean fixounet
Sun Jan 22 18:51:40 CET 2006

    There is something i don't get.

    If my understanding of current code is correct :

    For decoding, lavcodec expects the full avcC atom (stripped from the 
atom header) with the seq and pict params
    without startcode and with some additionnal avcC specific headers.

    When encoding, lavcodec creates the seq/pict param header without 
the atom header and with the startcodes.

    It is not symetric, and creating the avcC atom from the present 
extraData is tiedous.

    So the point is, should it not be the same for encoding & decoding ?
    In that case, would it be better to provide only seq/pic param as 
extradata for decoding
    create a full avcC atom as extradata for encoding ?

    I m probably missing something.


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