[Ffmpeg-devel] Maybe (?), robustness patch

fixounet at free.fr fixounet
Mon Jan 23 13:53:32 CET 2006

Quoting Erik Slagter <erik at slagter.name>:

> On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 17:31 +0000, Mean wrote:
> >     While trying to create a correct avcC atom with lavformat/x264, i've
> > made some (interestingly ?) broken mp4 files.
> >     One of them makes lavcodec crash hard, which is bad and uncommon.
> Does this mean that you're actually working on lavformat creating valid
> mp4 files containing h264 data? That would be great! I have this plan to
> do it, but I have no background in mp4/qt at all, so it will take lots
> of digging.

I've patched lavformat to create the avcC atom using the extradata infos
It is a really small patch, very similar to the code used for esds atom for
mp4/aac (10 lines or so). It is simple because the full atom is passed as
extraData to be as symetric as possible.

The problem is creating the avcC atom. I thought i built it ok, but apparently
not since the result are those funny files that crash libavcodec.

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