[Ffmpeg-devel] video4linux2 input format?

Erik Slagter erik
Fri Jan 27 12:29:45 CET 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 12:23 +0100, Luca Abeni wrote:

> Thanks for the pointer; I already started writing my code, but I'll use
> your one to check if I implemented things correctly.

BTW if you want to have a sample of working code using the USERPTR
method, see here: http://erik.slagter.name/pub/v2m.tgz

It is an embryonic attempt at implementing a video transcoding
framework, something like gstreamer, but then properly using real C++
and inheritance. I am not going to finish it because I don't use v4l2
anymore, but the import and write of v4l2 YUV420 frames to file actually
work, so you might want to try or have a look at it. Feel free to copy
parts but don't blame me if it blows up your computer, family, etc.
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