[Ffmpeg-devel] PATCH: make libavformat find codecid for AAC streams in matroska container.

Steve Lhomme slhomme
Fri Jan 27 20:15:59 CET 2006

elupus wrote:
> Hi, 
> Here is a small patch to allow libavformat to find the codec on AAC streams
> in matroska containers. 
> The defines for the AAC codec's are set like this, 
> which isn't the full name for the codec's. I.e. it normally has some more
> extension to it like MAIN, LC... 
> Anyway, this patch fixes so that when the codec_id is compared to these
> defines, only the given length is compared (which I think was the original
> idea). I suppose some more information could be gotten from that extra
> information, but I think this should be enough.
> Cheers
> /Joakim

I provided a patch that handles this and the codec private and also the 
new and simple A_AAC (everything is said in the codec private). But the 
patch was rejected (although factorizing that code means having FAAD 
support which is GPL).

You can find the code in the source releases of DrFFMPEG on SourceForge.

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