[Ffmpeg-devel] MP4 file that does not play with ffmpeg or MPlayer

Bill May wmay
Fri Jan 27 22:24:45 CET 2006

Ronen Mizrahi wrote:
> The following files was reported to us by a user, we tested it with 
> recent version of MPlayer and ffmpeg. MPlayer tries to use lavf, lavf 
> says that no audio or video headers found. According to the user that 
> reported it, it was grabbed with the Qtec s100 phone/pda 
> (http://www.qtek.ch/DescriptionQtekS100FR.htm) and it works in Real Player.
> The file can be downloaded from http://www.cwi.nl/~boncz/test.mp4 
> <http://www.cwi.nl/%7Eboncz/test.mp4>

It looks like the mdat size is incorrect;  I do see a moov at (at
offset 0x9d6f4, which seems to be after the end of the mdat atom
(0x1c + 0x9d7dd + header).

mp4dump version 1.4.11
ReadChildAtoms: of root
ReadAtom: pos = 0x0
ReadAtom: type = "ftyp" data-size = 20 (0x14) hdr 8
Read:  majorBrand = 3gp4
Read:  minorVersion = 256 (0x00000100)
Read:  compatibleBrandsCount = 3 (0x00000003)
Read:  brand = 3gp5
  brand[1] = 3gp4
  brand[2] = isom
ReadAtom: pos = 0x1c
ReadAtom: type = "mdat" data-size = 645085 (0x9d7dd) hdr 8
Skip: 645085 bytes
Warning: In atom  missing child atom moov
ReadChildAtoms: finished
FindProperty: no match for moov.mvhd.modificationTime

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