[Ffmpeg-devel] [BUG] MPEG-4 file with artifacts

Måns Rullgård mru
Mon Jan 30 16:58:10 CET 2006

Diego Biurrun said:
> On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 12:03:17PM +0100, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> is there any decoder / player / demuxer which can play this?
> None that I have access to (no Windows here), so I guess it's safe to
> say the file is simply utterly broken.  Case closed then, unless someone
> can play this with WMP or whatever.

Quicktime for windows refuses to open the file telling me that "the movie
contains an incorrect duration".  WMP gives the usual useless error messages
about unsupported file formats or codecs.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mru at inprovide.com

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