[Ffmpeg-devel] Endiannes problem in G 726

Jan Knutar jknutar
Tue Jan 31 00:57:50 CET 2006

On Tuesday 31 January 2006 01:12, Mike Melanson wrote:
> Stephane van Hardeveld wrote:
> > Sorry all,
> > 
> > forgot to change the subject. Should be "endianness problem with g 726"
>  ooooooooh... you're going to get *flamed*. :)

Since nobody has explicitly flamed him yet...

Please don't start a new thread by replying to an existing message.
Create a new mail instead.

If you reply to an existing thread, your mail will get lost into an
existing thread, when viewed by mailers that present a threaded
view of messages.

The reply apologizing for not changing subject demonstrates that
the OP is mostly unaware that he just broke threading, so I guess
he can be excused if he/she promises to not do it again :)

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