[Ffmpeg-devel] PATCH: make libavformat find codecid forAACstreamsin matroska container.

Joakim Plate joakim.plate
Tue Jan 31 02:57:16 CET 2006


> Okey, cleaned out the patchs some more. Now it really should 
> only contain
> the stuff concerning AAC in mkv's. I've only tested mkv's 
> wich has extradata
> stored. I've not tested any mkv's where extradata is missing and is
> generated by the extra code. Seening as it is the same code 
> as mplayer uses
> in it's demuxer, I'm fairly sure it should work.
> /Joakim

Okey, I apperently attached the wrong patch (before last fixes). I'm not
sure about one change. It changes the local extradata variable from being a
void* to an unsigned char (same as mkv uses internally). Makes more sense to
me since it's used for adding extra extradata/modifying existing. Working
with a unsigned char* is easier than a void*, atleast when working in bytes.

Also noticed some redundant code in there. Vorbis codec duplicates it's
extradata, even thou the extradata that is set in the mkv track is also
copied to ffmpeg extradata location. 

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