[Ffmpeg-devel] ffmpeg/libavformat/rtp.c does not compile

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Mar 3 02:21:26 CET 2006

joelbberk at netscape.net wrote:
> I get the following compilation errors:
> rtp.c: In function `rtp_parse_mp4_au':
> rtp.c:321: error: invalid operands to binary &
> rtp.c:321: error: invalid operands to binary >>
> gmake[1]: *** [rtp.o] Error 1
> The offending code line is:
>     au_headers_length = BE_16(buf);
> Any known workarounds or fixes?

	If you are in the hacking mood, open libavcodec/avcodec.h and find this 

/* endian macros */
#if !defined(BE_16) || !defined(BE_32) || !defined(LE_16) || !defined(LE_32)

add the following lines between the comment and the #if:

#undef LE_16
#undef LE_32
#undef BE_16
#undef BE_32

See if your specific problem goes away and please report back.

	-Mike Melanson

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