[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] DVB AC-3 support in mpegts.c

Benjamin Larsson banan
Wed Mar 15 15:39:08 CET 2006

Andy Brown wrote:

> [...]
> I included 0x7A, but I'm honestly not sure what the difference is
> between AC-3
> and Enhanced AC-3, more importantly, does it require a different codec?

I think it does, but there is some backward compatibillity in E-AC-3. Per my
understanding you can strip the enhanced bits of the stream and feed it
to a regular
AC3 decoder. The specs are free though so one could read them instead of

>  As far
> as DTS and AAC, I'm not sure but the organization of the PMT might be
> a little
> different than for AC-3.  It clearly states that the stream type of
> the AC-3
> should be listed as private (0x06) but it doesn't make such a claim
> for DTS and
> AAC.  I'll need to look into TS 102 114 (for DTS) and ISO/IEC 14496-3
> (AAC) to
> see if it is explained in there.
> Andy
Benjamin Larsson

"incorrect information" is an oxymoron. Information is, by definition, factual, correct.

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