[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: How to compile ffmpeg with faac support on Windows?

Lars Blumberg Lars.Blumberg
Thu Mar 16 12:59:32 CET 2006

> I think you should post much more details, so we can try and reproduce 
> your situation. When you say FAAC compiles OK, you should tell us where 
> you got the tarball, where you exploded it, what configure command, in 
> what directory you run make, in what environment (that you did, msys; but 
> what does 'which make' report? What is the value of $PATH?).

1. I downloaded the FAAC tarball from
(FAAC CVS snapshot 18-10-2004)

2. Using MSVC7 I compiled the FAAC project.
No I have some obj-files and libfaac.lib in "D:\faac\libfaac\Release" 

3. Then I was running the "make install" command using MingGW/MSys. Since I 
didn't know which makefile I had to use, I tried all makefiles. I have the 
following makefiles in my faac directory:
- D:\faac\project\mingw32\Makefile
- D:\faac\libfaac\Makefile.am
- D:\faac

All calls "make install" in these directories tell me make:
"*** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop."

I had a look at the files and in fact there are no "install"-rules.

4. Then I compiled the FFMPEG project using the option --enable-faac.
(I am using the current ffmpeg cvs version)

I wrote a script for compiling:


make clean
rm config.h
rm config.mak

CONFIGURE_PARAMS="--enable-memalign-hack --enable-mingw32 --extra-cflags=-I/local/include 
 --extra-ldflags=-L/local/lib --prefix=/home --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay"
# The following line is for FAAC support
CONFIGURE_PARAMS="$CONFIGURE_PARAMS --enable-faac --extra-cflags=-Id:/faac/include 

./configure --enable-shared $CONFIGURE_PARAMS


This gives me the following error:

cannot find -lfaac

My PATH variable is:


Can you find the reason for the problem? I suppose the reason is, that I 
didn't run a necessary "make install" command of faac after compiling faac. 
But I'm not sure.

Thanks for responding so fast!


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