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Måns Rullgård mru
Fri Mar 17 20:51:34 CET 2006

Hi all,

I said I'd keep everyone posted as soon as I found out more about the
organization of Linuxtag, and a few minutes ago the message below
found its way to my inbox.

This is all I know for now.


Dear Project,

with this mailing we would like to inform you about:
 o Entry-Fees
 o Exhibitor Passes
 o eTickets for Projects
 o Web-Banners
 o Workshops
 o Sleeping
 o Booth Plans
 o Advertising at Boots sponsored by LinuxTag

1. Entry Fees/Exhibitor Passes

Like last year LinuxTag will cost entrance fees for most visitors. The prices
(one day 15 EUR, two days 25 EUR, three days 35 EUR, all days 45 EUR) are
listed on the LinuxTag site [1]. You can get the tickets much cheaper in the
advance sales programm for 5 EUR per one-day ticket plus 5 EUR handling fee
regardless how many tickets you buy. So maybe your local user group, club or
regular's table wants to start a centralized buying.

The exhibitor passes for project booth members will continue to be free of
cost for a reasonable amount of booth personnel. However, they are not meant
as a means for regular visitors to save the entrance-fee. Hence, please don't
abuse this and don't add random visitors as booth staff if they don't belong
to your booth. We will update the vCC soon to enter the names for the
exhibitor passes.

2. eTickets for Projects

Yesterday, LinuxTag e. V. opened its eTicket System to the public with an
intital seed of 50 persons. Within next weeks we will give away 5.000 one-day
passes to all users of this system. Since registration is already closed, you
have to to get invited to participate on it.

>From this amount, 2.000 tickets are exclusively reserved for accepted
projects, so they can invite guests to their booth at LinuxTag. It is on your
own to decide how you distribute your eTickets, but we would like to ask you
to tell us at the projects-discussion mailing list. We will inform you in a
separate mail, how many tickets your project will get.

3. Banners for your Website

We have created a set of images which you could add to your site. Adding a
link to the LinuxTag website is always appreciated and helps us since visitors
of your site can get more information about the event. However, we don't want
to enforce this. Feel free to select one to add it to your own website [3]

4. Workshops

Similar to the years before we will offer you so called "Workshop Rooms".  Our
plan is to jointly organise a "projects to projects program" or "developer to
developer program". For this purpose, there will be available two or three
rooms on Friday, and five rooms on Saturday, all with a capacity of about 50
seats. This year the schedule will be published on LinuxTag's website,  so the
schedule will be announced more widely.

The main purpose for these rooms is to provide attending projects an
opportunity to talk to other developers (not necessarily from the same
project) and to go into detail for a larger group than what would be possible
at the booth. Please note: all workshops will be open to the public and will
be announced so. In special cases we can make an exception, but we would like
to discuss this in detail with you, if you think a session should be non-public.

LinuxTag provides presentation equipment and probably Internet connectivity
for all five rooms. You can register for a workshop using your VCC-account [4]
and submit it like a paper using category "Project Workshop". Normally a slot
is 60 Minutes, if your workshop takes longer leave us a note within your
abstract. Also do so, if you have a preference for Friday or Saturday.

You can neglect the licence because it is not planned to distribute your
submission (like a paper for the conference program). But please do not forget
to choose the language for your workshop submission.  English may be your
language of choice, but it is a valuable information for an interested visitor.

Please register as soon as possible.

5. Sleeping

We are still looking for a cheap sleeping place like the AKK. If everything
goes well we will have a gym for about 200 people. Actually we are negotiating
with officials from Wiesbaden to clarify terms of usage.

6. Booth Plans

According to the information about equipment, personnel and the planned
exhibition we are assigning booths to projects. You will get a detailed
information about booth position and size within next days.

7. Advertisement at Sponsored Booths

For LinuxTag organization it gets harder to decide for some projects whether
it will get a booth (sponsored by LinuxTag) or we have to charge them for
it because of its strong commercial background. This decision is not easy to
make and differs in each case, but we try to make it fair for everybody.

Therefore we have to insist on a special agreement with the projects
exhibiting at a booth free of charge: advertising for associated companies is
not allowed at project booths sponsored by LinuxTag!

It is not allowed to display brochures or price lists or hang-up posters for
affiliated companies. Of course you can still present your projects flyers,
brochures, DVDs or other promotional material with logos from sponsors.

If your company wants to get promoted at your project booth, please encourage
it to contact us for information about sponsoring options. Several companies
already used this option to advertise at affiliated project booths.

If you have any questions about advertising at your booth feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your patience!


Wolfgang Drotschmann, Marko Jung, Martin Schulte
Project Committee LinuxTag 2006

[1] http://www.linuxtag.org/2006/de/besucher/termine-tickets.html
[3] http://www.linuxtag.org/2006/de/aussteller/banner.html
[4] http://www.linuxtag.org/vcc/


M?ns Rullg?rd
mru at inprovide.com

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