[Ffmpeg-devel] Introducing project; questions about en-/decoding H.263

Wiese, Hendrik hendrik.wiese
Wed Mar 22 11:58:16 CET 2006

Hello there,

I' trying to create a program that is able to encode an uncompressed 
AVI file into H.263 encoded RTP payloads and back. The RTP payloads 
are saved into a binary file. These payloads shall be decoded back 
to an uncompressed AVI format. I need to know how to decode the RTP 
payloads and how to put them back into an uncompressed AVI file. Is 
there any kind of documentation about this? Is here anybody who can 
help me with this? I need to know which steps I've got to go to get 
an uncompressed AVI file from a bunch of RTP payloads. 

Maybe somebody has got the time to look over my cAviFile class... 
It's attached (rar-file). Some of the functions are directly 
cut&paste from ffmpeg's output_example. I tried some things there
but my problem is, that it hangs inside av_write_frame. That 
function calls put_buffer (as you surely know) and the length of 
the given buffer seems to be 0 bytes as the value of len in 
put_buffer is 0. Why?

Please don't look to deep into the other classes because they 
aren't created by me. It's not my programming style. ;)

Well, I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain... 

If you need any further information please let me know!

Thanks a lot

Kind regards
Hendrik Wiese

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