[Ffmpeg-devel] FFMPEG RTSP for Windows

Michael A. Kohn mike
Tue Mar 28 21:02:23 CEST 2006

Hi again..

It seems like no one wanted to acknowledge my last email.  I guess I'll
try one more message before giving up.

Anyway, I fixed the problem with RTSP in FFMPEG under Windows.  The
problem appears to be that the default receive buffer in Windows is quite
small and therefore drops many UDP packets, especially around what would
appear to be the time of an IFrame.  Anyway I added these two lines:

t=setsockopt(udp_fd, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVBUF, &tmp, sizeof(tmp));

into udp.c right after the socket is opened and now the RTSP networking
appears to be the same on both Windows and Linux.

I have patches for adding all the Winsock networking support to FFMPEG.
If you guys want it let me know... I'd really like to help with this..
even if it is such a small thing like this...


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