[Ffmpeg-devel] movenc.c ipod h264 suggested change

Jason Millard jsm174
Thu Mar 30 18:03:13 CEST 2006

Okay, I finally think I understand what is going on and I think I
understand the previous emails.

I've been trying to remux ffmpeg encoded videos using mp4creator for
the ipod. (This was before Apple released 1.1.1 firmware).

Anyway, with the hard-coded 77->66 and 30->13 changes to movenc.c,
everytime I would remux the video, the profile would end up
Baseline at 5.1. (Even though I knew it was Baseline at 1.3)

I started examined the avcC tags using a hex editor. Now I understand,
that making changes directly to movenc.c only change the profile and
level in the container. Then x264 uses its own default values.

When I modified movenc.c to fetch track->enc->profile and
track->enc->level and then passed them in on the command line, the
mp4creator remuxing worked fine, because just like BOND's email
stated, x264 uses those values if provided.

So back to the other emails

>> Maybe there is an interface to x264 for retrieving profile and level
>> indication ?

>Hmm... the x264 api currently has no way to retrieve global info from the
>encoder. I suppose I could write profile back into param_t after deriving
>it from the other settings. But that doesn't affect the decision for
>ffmpeg's user interface, it just means ffmpeg could tell you if you
>picked incompatible settings.

So now that we know custom values can be shared, how do we share default values?

-- Jason

On 3/30/06, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:
> Hi
> On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 07:16:05PM -0500, Jason Millard wrote:
> > Okay.
> >
> > I can put the "ipod5g" or maybe "ipod-5g"? This way I can work it like
> ok
> also h264 as codec must be under #ifdef as it depends on x264 for encoding
> if x264 isnt there then mpeg4 should be used for target ipod
> > the NTSC options, ie. just look for "ipod-".
> >
> > So how does this work now? How long does it take for changes to get
> > placed in CVS?
> happens immedeatly or takes weeks and only if every comment has been
> taken care of somehow
> [...]
> --
> Michael
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