[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: [BUG] vorbis 5.1 sound distorsion

Balatoni Denes dbalatoni
Tue May 2 22:35:17 CEST 2006


kedd 02 m?jus 2006 21.10-kor Baptiste COUDURIER ezeket a bolcs gondolatokat 
fogalmazta meg:
> > when the woman is shouting - we could say parts of it is somehow
> > distorted (for about 0.3 secs), are you saying that goes away with
> > libvorbis?
> Exactly, voices are distorted.

Ok the center channel is distorted badly at places indeed. I will try to 
investigate further on the weekend.

> It does not work with libvorbis in mplayer, cause extradata needs to be
> parsed like in ffvorbis.

I see, thanks.


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