[Ffmpeg-devel] writing an uncrompressed avi file

Munier Nicolas Nicolas.Munier
Wed May 3 10:24:24 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,


Sorry for the double post I didn't notice the links and so it's


I'm using the ffmpeg librairies to create an avi file containig one
rawvideo stream of UYVY frames.

I pretty much follow the example of ouput_example.c, I guess the format
of an avi file. It chooses an mpeg4 video compression. I force it to

I also force the pixel format to UYVY.


I obtain a video but I cannot read it with everything (works with
windows media player and virtualDub but not with videolan or
virtualDubMod) (I also write a class to extract frame from any kind of
video and I retrieve correctly the frame from my created file). And I
don't think that most of the headers are filled right as it doesn't
indicate a good compression codec. (File info told me  Xvid)


What do you think I could miss in the initialisation of the file?





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