[Ffmpeg-devel] h264 playback crash

grenola ffmpeg
Sat May 6 21:21:14 CEST 2006

> The problem: you concatenated two files with different settings, but 
> storing those settings in the same SPS/PPS ids. This is strictly legal 
> by H.264 standard, but can't be expected to work in all containers.
> I have fixed your particular video in ffh264, but some others will 
> probably still break.

Thanks. :)

> The recommended way to do it is using x264's --sps-id. It should also be 
> possible to change the sps id of an already encoded file, but I don't 
> know any tool to do so.

I just checked out the latest x264 from CVS and it seems to lack this option. 
Perhaps it was removed for some reason ? I notice in the code that the SPS and 
PPS IDs are set in encoder/encoder.c by calls to the functions x264_pps_init() 
and x264_sps_init(), and the ID is set to 0 in both cases. I appreciate you may 
not be responsible for the x264 encoder, but would replacing the fixed ID of 0 
with say (time(NULL)&~0) seem like a reasonable workaround (or would that be 
disastrous - I haven't actually checked whether these functions get called 
multiple times) ? I'm not really familiar with video codec hacking or how h264 

Thanks again for your help,


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