[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: mjpegb

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Wed May 10 10:03:08 CEST 2006

Baptiste COUDURIER wrote:
>>> Is mjpegb supposed to work?
>>> http://www.engene.se/mjpegb.mov (256kB)
>> Works ok in MPlayer using lavc mjpegb decoder, so it's probably a
>> demuxer problem (using -demuxer lavf you get the same errors also with
>> MPlayer).
>> Ciao,
>>  Roberto
> Fixed.
Brilliant! Thanks.

Could I ask another question in relation to this? How does one
distinguish between mjpeg* and photo-jpeg with ffmpeg? On three
samples I had generated with Streamclip (www.squared5.com) i
mjpeg yuvj422p (mjpega)
mjpeg yuvj422p (mjpegb)
mjpeg yuvj420p (phjpeg)

Is there a particular reason all three formats reports to be
mjpeg? Right now I can't distinguish between mjpeg a and b.

Best regards,

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