[Ffmpeg-devel] Building Libavcodec for ARM processors

Stephan Steinbach stephan
Fri May 12 18:35:41 CEST 2006


The reason I'm using --disable-shared and --enable-static is that I'm  
not supporting dynamic linkage / shared libraries yet on my  
development board - for now I'm just statically linking everything.

I was just sharing that it compiles and runs fine on my board (TI- 
OMAP5912 w/ ARM926).

The reason I asked about the assembler errors is that I was getting  
those previously until I switched the --cpu= flag over to ARM926.  So  
I would try playing with that option?


On May 12, 2006, at 2:45 AM, Nick Vaughan wrote:

>> Hey,
>> did you set the --cpu= ./configure flag?
>> This is the ./configure I used, and it worked well.  I'm
>> compiling under Dapper drake (Kubuntu) w/ arm-linux-gcc 3.3.2.
>> ./configure --cross-prefix=arm-linux- --enable-memalign-hack --
>> cpu=ARM926 --enable-static --disable-shared
>> --libdir=/usr/local/arm/ 3.3.2/lib/
>> --extra-ldflags=-L/usr/local/arm/3.3.2/lib/
>> hope that helps!
>> best regards,
>> -Stephan.
> Hi Stephan,
> I was trying to get it compiled up as a DLL ( for LGPL reasons ) to  
> run
> on WinCE rather than Linux.
> Thanks for your input though.
> Nick.
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