[Ffmpeg-devel] Gray Scale decoding of MPEG4 dataanddebugginglibavcodec

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Tue May 16 09:08:32 CEST 2006


>>It looks like the addition of the version number to the shared library 
>>names (i.e. avcodec.dll.51) messes with the Microsoft linker. The only way 
>>could get MSVC to link with the shared libraries was to do away with the
>>SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR target in common.mak and restore it to the way it was 
>>rev 1.267 of common.mak, then link would create the lib file for the dll 
>>everything played nice.

>>I'm not real familiar with the rules of link so maybe somebody else can 
>>me if the avcodec.dll.51 should have worked and was just doing something
>>wrong. This seems like kind of an odd way to do versioning of a shared
>>library file.

It happens the same under Cygwin, I removed the SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR for 
things to work.
I believe it is because the last suffix must be ".dll", probably it will 
work if named as "avcodec-51.dll".
The first dot is the suffix separator (in MSWorld), hence "avcodec.51.dll" 
won't work either, as here the suffix is ".51.dll"

V?ctor Paesa


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