[Ffmpeg-devel] grab.c changes

Richard richiek
Thu May 18 07:01:46 CEST 2006

Hello all,
I'm questioning the latest changes done to grab.c (v1.44) regarding
the lines around line 220. The previous version I had executed:
"ret = ioctl(video_fd, VIDIOCMCAPTURE, &s->gb_buf)"
and upon failure would try various other video formats before
deciding that the grab device did not support a suitable format. The
latest version tries one ioctl(...) call with one format and if that
fails then it assumes an unsupported format. I can supply a patch to
have this fixed but it's essentially rolling back to the previous
Can anyone comment on the changes made to grab.c and why they're
preferred over the previous version?

Many thanks,

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