[Ffmpeg-devel] Does ffmpeg support interlace decoded h.264 bitstream

He Hua hhe
Mon May 22 11:03:04 CEST 2006

Current, I generated the interlaced h.264 bitstream using JM10.2 tool.
I found that the bitstream which can be decoded by JM can't be decoded by
The two kinds of bitstream including field mode (PicInterlace=2) and MBaff
mode (PicInterlace=2 and MbInterlace=2) both can't be decoded correctly.
In the first case, the exception is that the function
check_intra4x4_pred_mode and check_intra_pred_mode will return -1; in the
second case, the default_ref_list can't be filled normally which lead to the
empty ref_list.
So my question is whether ffmpeg support interlaced decoding h.264
I feel maybe there is something wrong in the codes such as frame_num
calculation not distinguish top field and bottom field,
"if(h->mb_aff_frame)" should be replaced by "if (h->mb_field_decoding_flag)"
in some places.
Because I'm a new comer of H.264, so I have no ability to make progress
facing these problems. So I need your help.

Best Regards. 
He Hua   

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