[Ffmpeg-devel] CVS --> Subversion conversion, test repository

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon May 22 17:04:00 CEST 2006

OK, guys, we're going live real soon now (TM).  I have converted the CVS
repository to Subversion and put a copy of it online.  Get it via

  svn checkout svn://www.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg_test/trunk/

and play with it however much you want.  To commit to it use user ffmpeg
and pass ffmpeg.  It's a sandbox, you can mess with it however much you

A web frontend for browsing it is at


If you are not familiar with Subversion yet, now is the time.
Subversion comes with excellent documentation:


The server runs Subversion 1.2.3, so the relevant part is


There is a guided tour and a guide to Subversion for CVS users


If you just know CVS you should get familiar with the subcommands
status, update (which is different from CVS), copy, move, revert, prop*
and the way Subversion handles conflicts, which is slightly different
from CVS.

I'm still working on converting the "renaming" operations done directly
on the RCS files into proper Subversion renames.  So far I have

- libavutil creation
- vhook docs moved into doc/
- libav --> libavformat
- libavcodec/i386/mpegvideo.c --> libavcodec/i386/mpegvideo_mmx.c

Also I fixed some wrongly set executable permissions and binary flags.
At least the copy of png.c and pnm.c from libavformat --> libavcodec is
not done yet.  If you could help me find more renaming operations that
would be much appreciated.

I hope to finish this week.  It's an extremely tedious task, but it only
has to be done once.  In the meantime, please get familiar with
Subversion so that you don't shoot yourself in the foot later on.


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