[Ffmpeg-devel] CVS --> Subversion conversion, test repository

Guillaume Poirier gpoirier
Tue May 23 14:31:08 CEST 2006


Diego Biurrun wrote:

> OK, I've been slaving away *every* free minute in the last few days on
> this transition and it's still not finished.  On top of that I've been
> receiving clever comments and suggestions from people who haven't moved
> a finger even when directly asked for help.

What sort of help are you looking for? I can help, within the limits
of my knowledge and what I know of FFmpeg's history.

I tried committing to FFmpeg's source tree, and it was really a magic
carpet ride.

I noted small problem that might be worth noting though: I tried to
"svn up" the checkout I had on my disk which was a from back when you
announced on IRC that you had a test tree. svn didn't want to update,
telling me it didn't know anything about the revision I had.

This problem was "solved" by removing the checkout and downloading
again. Maybe I should have kept it, but now it's too late anyway...

I don't know if that problem is too much worth mentioning, but who


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