[Ffmpeg-devel] Accepted SoC Apps

Mike Melanson mike
Thu May 25 22:34:03 CEST 2006

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> things to do for snow:
> * multiple reference frames support
>   +number of picture buffers field per keyframe
>   +decode frame buffer index (into which decoding happens)
>   +display frame buffer index (which frame is outputed)
>   +a symbol per block to select the reference frame
>   +some changes to the motion estimation code
>   +some changes to the mv prediction code
> * non translational motion compensation
>   +estimate non translational parameters per block by using surrounding
>    motion vectors
>   +add a ac coded bit per block to switch between translational and non
>    translational MC
>   +borrow the non translational MC code from libmpcodecs/vf_perspective.c
>   +some changes to the encoder to decide between translational and non t.
> * trellis quantization (select quantized coefficient so as to minimize
>    the ratedistrortion
> * 4x4 sized block support (we have 16x16 and 8x8 currently)
> * 1/8 pel motion compensation / estimation support (pretty much just
>   encoder changes needed which in case of the iterative me should be
>   trivial)
> * 1 pass ratecontrol

Nice. I feel like this should be posted somewhere on the web. In fact, I 
just did so:


	-Mike Melanson

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