[Ffmpeg-devel] FFplay, Bug when doing a pause

Kevin Petiot kevin.petiot
Fri May 26 11:57:21 CEST 2006

Hey all!

I'm actually modifing, FFplay, to be able to do a player that can do marker in
and marker out in a video (with a frame accuracy). Then to do a preview between
this markers. the point is then to send the marker to a movie editing server.

When doing that, I discoverd something strange, I don't know if you already know
it. But in ffplay when you do a pause and then you keepgoing, FFplay will play
faster that it should. It will do it until the player would be at the time it
sould be if we didn't do a pause.  By using the -stats option, I discovered
that it's because of a difference of time between video and sound. It's let me
think the sound is the cause of the trouble. Maybe when we do a pause, the
sound it's not realy put in pause. Or something like that.
Do you already know this bug ? if not I will try to fix it, but if someone know
how the synchro is made, it would be pleasent to have a summary.

Thanks for you reply.


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