[Ffmpeg-devel] Absolute newbie question: mpegaudiodec.c

Marlon Mircevski marlon
Fri May 26 13:46:10 CEST 2006

Please forgive if I'm missing something, but i have memory leeks from
\libavcodec\mpegaudiodec.c. In fact, the:
static uint8_t *huff_code_table[16] is allocated in decode_init with 
av_mallocz and I cannot find where it is freed. Using av_mallocz_static 
instead, it works without leeks. (At the end of my program deallocated 
with av_free_static).

It's couple of days I'm evaluating ffmpeg compiled with VS6 into static 
lib. I have to slightly modify couple of files, but it works fine, 
except that leak when I'm using CODEC_ID_MP2 for decoding.

Can I do this way or there is a some feature I'm missing?


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