[Ffmpeg-devel] Water marking in video using ffmpeg help

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Fri May 26 22:06:14 CEST 2006

Inigo Nirmal wrote:
> Hai Friends,
> i need to watermark a video file. 
> i have installed ffmpeg successfully in linux. 
> plz reply me the command of watermarking for below details 
> 1. The source file is
> src.avi 
> 2. the Target file is 
> Target.mpeg 
> 3. the watermark file 
> watermark.png or watermark.avi 
> plz send me the linux commands. 
> is there anyone know plz reply soon 
> my email id is 
> inigonirmal at rhytha.com  
> I am waiting for your reply.

There is usage docs in the header of vhooks/watermark.c

ffmpeg -i infile -vhook '/path/watermark.so -f wm.gif' out.mov

Best regards,

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