[Ffmpeg-devel] SVN challenge response authentication weaknesses

Attila Kinali attila
Sat May 27 15:40:53 CEST 2006

On Sat, 27 May 2006 09:35:56 -0400
Jean-Francois Roy <bahamut at macstorm.org> wrote:

[svn over apache stuff]

We will not use apache for svn. This has been discussed more
than once. Search the archives.

> > But there is one thread that is more serious than any of these
> > above and a lot more likely to happen: If someone is able to
> > overtake one of the machines of a developer, he can simply
> > extract the svn password from the config files. Unlike with
> > ssh-keys those files are not encrypted!
> > The only way to protect against this case are full reviews
> > of commits made to svn.
> If you do not trust the security of your machine, you can disable  
> credentials caching in your ~/.subversion/config file.

I do trust my computer, i know how to set it up and how to keep
it secure. But I do not trust the computers of all svn users. 
Especialy as i know how little most programmers know about 
(secure) system administration.

We basicaly have here the classic client side security problem.
We have to trust the clients to some extend, but we cannot fully
trust it either.

In this case, there is no good solution known (at least, i dont
know any).

				Attila Kinali


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