[Ffmpeg-devel] SVN challenge response authentication weaknesses

Arpi arpi
Sun May 28 23:17:32 CEST 2006


> > How about using VPN until then?
> Only if you do it.

I do not commit much nowdays, but i'm against it.
VPN requires extras on client side (afaik vpn clients
are quite complex, based on kernel drivers, creating
new interface devices etc - not everyone wants it)

> these would be really nice, yes. But we have our hands
> already full with the stuff we have to do just to get
> basic functionality. We do not have the time to implement
> complex systems or something that needs permanent maintenance.
> I have a personal todo list of 10 items that need to be
> done within next week, just keep natsuki working in a good
> state. I have no idea whether i am able to get trough everything
> or not.

you had more than a half year to do these, but did nothing...
so please do not complain now, that you are in trouble!
it (death of old box) was expected to happen sooned or later...


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