[Ffmpeg-devel] homepage moved and put under Subversion control

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon May 29 02:10:36 CEST 2006

OK guys, I finished moving the FFmpeg homepage to the new server today.
You can get the result from

  svn checkout svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg.org/trunk

and commit to it with the standard Subversion accounts.

It's crude, but it works and it updates the online copy from a
post-commit hook.  Documentation and changelog generation cronjobs
are ported, so it should be equivalent to what we currently have on
SourceForge, without the need for PHP.

Comments welcome.  No, wait, PHP is not coming back and I won't redesign
the webpage.  If you wish that, do the work start to finish.  Other than
that all comments and suggestions welcome.  I just hacked up something
that works *now*, there is still room for improvement.

Of course the website now needs a good deal of updates after the latest


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