[Ffmpeg-devel] GCC optimizations

Rich Felker dalias
Mon May 29 05:01:18 CEST 2006

On Sun, May 28, 2006 at 05:54:28PM -0400, Justin Ruggles wrote:
> I did an upgrade to gcc-3.4 and the problem persisted.  Then I did some
> more bug hunting and I think I found the bug...in my code.  I don't know
> how it ended up working w/o optimization though.  It seems to have been
> a data type overflow error.

My experience is that bugs with optimization levels are almost always
caused by using uninitialized variables or functions that incorrectly
return without a return value. Also violations of C aliasing rules are
a common cause.

Of course the other common cause is using broken versions of gcc, but
apparently that wasn't the problem here.. :)


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