[Ffmpeg-devel] crash while re-encoding nuv mpeg4 files.

stanley kamithi skamithi
Wed May 31 22:29:41 CEST 2006


i encountered 2 crashes while attempting to re-encode a "slightly" corrupt
NUV mpeg4 file. The file was generated by mythtv from a plextor m402u.

-command was

ffmpeg -v 1 -i "/mythtv/recordings/1039_20060522184355.nuv" -r ntsc -target
dvd -b 3000 -s 720x480 -ab 192 -ac 2 -copyts -aspect 16:9
/mythtv/tmp/work/1/newfile2.mpg -map 0:0 -map 0:1

the patch in ffmpeg.c prevents ffmpeg from crashing when it encounters the

the patch in nuv.c addresses the problem where nuv_packet() didn't tell the
higher functions that it's reached
the end of the file.  It was called by line 926 of av_read_frame_internal,
and returns zero at the end of the file. This function doesn't think zero is
such a bad thing..I get the error "glibc detected *** corrupted
double-linked list **" then ffmpeg crashes.
This happens on good and corrupt nuv mpeg4 files.

i can provide a 5M nuv file , debugs and backtrace if this patch is not the
correct way to solve the issue.
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